Warwick Fitness Team

Our class instructors are experienced fitness professionals who will educate, motivate and keep you accountable. If you are new to exercise or having trouble staying fit, you need to join Warwick Fitness! Our goal is to get you exercising regularly and obtain the results you want faster.
  • Ian Wilcott

    Resources Manager
    Whilst mostly behind the scenes, Ian is instrumental to ensuring the smooth running of Warwick Fitness.
  • Joe Ananias

    Fitness Instructor [Abdominal Assault]
    With his shredded abs and cheeky personality, Joe will make fat literally fly off your body.
  • Jay Morgan

    Fitness Instructor [Full Body Blitz]
    An avid health and fitness freak. Jay will help you build your best ever body!
  • Adebunmi Gabriel

    Chief Marketing Officer
    I love the benefits of learning to live a healthy lifestyle, and exercising is definitely the most rewarding part. Whether I’m  jogging,...
  • Clara Valdés

    Fresher's Representative
    Since I was a child, I have absolutely loved sports and I think that regular practice is essential. To this day, I practice running, swimming,...
  • Farid Ahmadi

    Fitness Instructor [Farid's Furious Fat Burner]
    If you train with a vegan like me, you’ll train your body and your mind. I make this equation work for anyone: healthy nutrition + effective...
  • Will Chung

    Fitness Instructor [Crossfit]
    INSTRUCTOR [CROSSFIT] After my military service in the Marine Corps, I started to get involved in Crossfit. I have been part of the community...
  • Orestis Neokleous

    Fitness Instructor [Full Body Blitz]
    Hello! My name is Orestis Neokleous and i’m from the small island of Cyprus. I have been exercising my whole life, whether it was gymnastics...
  • Manisha Madan

    Fitness Instructor [Yoga]
    I currently alternate between doing ‘Insanity’, running, swimming, yoga and of course Warwick Fitness classes!
  • Mahei Fabrycki

    Fitness Instructor
    I have a wealth of gym and fitness experience which I have acquired from a young age. I started going to the gym at the age of 16 and had numerous...
  • Emily Wang

    Asian Correspondent
    With the interest about fitness, Emily as a fresher wants to have improvement together and hope fitness can bring new world for me!
  • Morena Gabriel

    Fresher's Representative
    Focused on having a balanced life, I promote a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and physical activity. My motto: Mens sana in corpore sano!...
  • Ali Kermalli

    Strategy Consultant
    I am Ali and I am a first years PAIS student. I have played sport throughout school at a casual level and have enjoyed playing table tennis,...
  • Ryan Rashid

    Fresher's Representative
    Fitness comes naturally to me especially since I avoid junk, processed or any sugary food product and often even alcohol!